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Adrenaline Junkie

Title: Adrenaline Junkie
Author: roadsidefury
Fandom: Repo! The Genetic Opera
Pairing: Boy!Shilo/GraveRobber
Summary: What bothers me the most about this whole night is that surgery-addicted, completely insane, Z-Junkie Amber Sweet who was all over Grave. Maybe I'm young and inexperienced and naïve, but I need him to tell me he doesn't want that whore.
Disclaimer: Not mine, as I had assumed was obvious.
Notes: 1500 word Snippet from alwaysaboy!Shilo fic for twilightscribe

Grave darts back down and nips at my bottom lip, sucking it into his mouth briefly before resting his forehead against mine and asking, “Gonna leave me high and dry like last time?”

I wrote Repo! pr0n. Yep. I'm cool like that. And I made it slash, hah!
Tags: fic, repo!, slash
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