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Hoorah! Finally a pretty FO banner. Credit to trashylifeicons  Nom.
I request only a few things!
Who you be:
What chu want:
Where you find me, bb:

I feel obligated to throw out some kind of intro here. I'm Jenn (or optionally Jeff, it really doesn't matter to me). I live in Toronto, and I'm legally allowed to ingest alcohol and buy cigarettes if I so wished - and I do wish. To give fair warning, I slash (V. Slash: To slash. I slash, you slash, he/she slashes, they slashed. The act of pairing two (usually male) characters of the same gender together for fanfictional purposes) generally bandslash and Trekslash. I also dabble heavily in anime too, so I'm just a giant weeaboo and a fangirl and a terrible person, and I will love you if you have any of those things in common with me :D

My Kirk/Spock Rec-list
requisitioned by streetstars (my lovely wife).
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